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Tema: eMule 0.48a eMuleFuture v0.6 [20-08-2007]

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    Predeterminado eMule 0.48a eMuleFuture v0.6 [20-08-2007]

    eMule 0.48a eMuleFuture v0.6 [20-08-2007]

    Cita Iniciado por tHeWiZaRdOfDoS
    eMuleFuture v0.6
    the official eMuleFuture Mod

    powered by

    GFX by

    - partially rewritten SLS [WiZaRd]
    - added more AICH security checks [WiZaRd]
    - request AICH hashes only in case we don't have a valid hash, yet [WiZaRd]
    - if FS are toggled then the remaining data is recalculated [WiZaRd]
    - added checks to prevent possible memory corruption while reading data from ini files [WiZaRd]
    - changed minQR system to my minRQR system for way less CPU usage [WiZaRd]
    - do not send empty dirs on shared file requests [WiZaRd]
    - updated header view+ implementation [JvA] by BlueSonicBoy
    - added missing code for "Avoid Credits Accumulate faker" in URLclient [Spike2] (by Morph)
    Main features of the eMuleFuture Mod:
    • Reworked GUI
      the GUI of the mule was adapted to the Boarddesign, it is more comfortable and looks much cooler :sohappy4xe:
    • ClientAnalyzer
      New-Age Leecher Protection - punish only real bad users and not randomly whoever you might not like!
    • Emulations
      Achieve more fairness by emulating other clients and exploiting possible (unfair) advantages - includes faster reasks for MLDon*** clients
    • Servermessage Filter
      filters the stupid and annyoing adverts that the servers send to you
    • Enhanced Client Recognition
      no more cryptic "eMule Compat" strings anymore - see what the other clients are really using!
    • EMF Integration
      if you enter your board nick and password then you can use some absolutely unique functions e.g. you can let the eMule check for new PMs regularly, enter yourself into the EMF friendlist or download the friendlist of the forum
      Note: only your board nick and your userhash are stored respectively passed on via the downloadable friendlist!
    • Upload Tuning
      you can enter a desired datarate per slot or use slotfocus to concentrate your upload on as few clients as possible
    • Friendlist Tuning
      you can now rename friends to have a good overview!
      Some data of your friends (software, UL, DL) are stored so you can check those details even if the friend is offline
    • UPnP Support
      Allows automatic opening and closing of ports in your router (if applicable) so you don't have to forward ports yourself anymore
    • IP2Country
      In nearly every window a flag will show where the ip originates. Additionally you can display the countries' names in a separate column.
    • IP2Country File-Addon
      A flag in front of the filenames will show you where most of the sources are from.
      The unspecified flag appears when two or more countries had the same amount of sources.
      No flag means that there wasn't enough data to evaluate.
    • IntelliFlush
      An enhancement of the filebuffer system. Once activated you can raise the filebuffer up to 30MB per file and adjust the time after which a flush will be forced. IntelliFlush will flush automatically whenever you complete a chunk so you can share it ASAP.
    • ModIconMapper
      The modicons and the mappings were moved into a separate .dll which can be updated during runtime. We hope to get some feedback from other modders so we can enhance that feature with even more icons and our update function pays off.
    • Integrated Webbrowser
      You can now browse directly in our client
    • Conchecker
      Your internet connection is constantly checked to detect IP-Changes as fast and reliable as possible. The IP is changed accordingly (especially good for KAD-only users)
    • Payback First
      You can choose to reserve 1 slot/every 5th slot/automatic (combined) for a very good uploader to pay back your debts.
    • Clipstat&Feedback
      Important Mod informations and feedback for files can be copied to the clipboard with a single click
    • SafeKAD+KADHelper
      Additional security checks for Kademlia including anti-fragmentation of KAD packets improve the security and functionality of the Kademlia network.
    • IPFilter-Update
      You can now choose if and when you wanna update the ipfilter list. You can choose between updates from servers or via ed2k.
    • Saving and loading of sources
      The mod can now load sources for rare files. This gives advantages if you have to restart the client.
    • File Disparity Check
      This features checks if your files could be fakes by analyzing the found filenames. Depending on the accuracy you select you will be notified by a red exclamation mark
    • New ClientDetail-Dialog
      The reworked client detail dialog now shows the information more clearly. The modicons and countryflags are shown, too.
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    Todos llevamos un idiota dentro que va creciendo y prosperando
    (John Malkovich)

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    Actualizado eMuleFuture v0.6


    Todos llevamos un idiota dentro que va creciendo y prosperando
    (John Malkovich)

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